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My rule is, "I would rather carry the gear than miss it."  But this time, owing to an accident that caused me to take crutches to help me walk, I regret not having with me two more bodies, the tripod (or at least the monopod), the duplicators, and some other equipment left behind in Macau.  Anyway, the final score was 96 rolls of film-slides and print--and four 256MB on discs of my digital camera!

Nikon F 100
Nikon F 80 S
Nikon CoolPix 5000

Sigma 14mm 2.8 (indispensable)
Nikon 50 mm 1.4
Nikon 80 - 400mm (all photos above taken with this lense - indispensable!)

KODAK ­ Supra 100, 400, 800
Portra 160 NC, VC
Elite Chrome Extra Color 100
Ektachrome E 100 VS, S

Lowepro Bag - carried on waist - very good to avoid too much weight on the shoulders

Usually, I travel with friends or alone (not frequently). To people whose priority is photography, this tour to Bhutan was excellent because each car took the time that those travelling in it needed.   This allowed me to take almost all the pictures I wanted while not feeling a sense of loss as sometimes happens during other trips, like not being able to photograph unique moments and situations in order to avoid causing any inconvenience to the others.  For an amateur like me, I felt enriched with the opportunity to meet other photographers, see new equipment, contact diverse ways of working, and share and exchange authentic experiences as nobody worried about having "exclusives".   We did not know one another beforehand, but that did not interfere with our swapping equipment and borrowing film, and this I shall never forget!"

Fatima Perez

Fátima is Portuguese living in Macau (China) since 1986, where she works at the Cultural Institute.  Her passion for world travel and photography comes from her desire to contact different cultures and people, and has taken  Fátima to many far-flung places: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Mongolia, Uzbekistan, China (Silk Road area), Sri-Lanka, India (Goa), Nepal, Turkey, United States, Canada, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Spain, Italy, France and Bhutan.  Fatima's next sojourn will be to a nature park in the Yunnan Province of China, currently a candidate for designation as a World Heritage site.

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