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"The Photographer's Tour of Bhutan was very well organized and competently lead by Robin and Karma.  All of the personnel, guides and drivers, were personable and competent.  The individual cars made the travel very flexible compared to a bus, as we were able to stop or detour for special photographic opportunities.  The accommodations varied from Spartan to luxurious, but were always clean and the owners were most friendly.  Probably the most outstanding feature was the highly personable approach to all of us by our Bhutanese leader, Karma, especially the erecting of our own prayer flags.  Also memorable was Karma's deep love of his country, its history and customs.

The photo opportunities were endless and varied.  I shot 25 rolls of film and think I was the low shooter.  The scenery was spectacular and the people were intriguing and very cooperative in being photographed, more so than in most less developed countries.
For me personally, the trip was a little long.   I basically photographed people, and after a week or so they began to repeat.  Even so I thoroughly enjoyed the extra days as long as I was there. I want to emphasize again the very personal nature of the trip, which truly sets it apart from many 'tours'". Best wishes to you and Cathy,

2 Minolta 700Si bodies
Tamron 28 -105, Aspherical f-2.8 constant zoom
Minolta 100 - 300 f4.5- 5.6 zoom
I have 2 digital cameras which I did not take because film cameras have served me well and reliably over many years of foreign travel and I wanted to be sure that on my once in a lifetime trip to Bhutan I was shooting with a known quantity.  I do not carry a tripod because they are clumsy and I use fast enough film to avoid the need for one.  For many years I have used Kodachrome 200 with excellent results for 11 x 14 enlargements.  This time I took a chance and used Provia 400F and was very pleased with the results.  The color is natural and the grain unnoticeable at 11 x 14 and the extra speed was useful.
Out of the Bag:
For many years I have printed color slides and black and white negatives in my home dark room.  I have now gone digital. I have a Nikon IVE scanner, a Macintosh OSX and an Epson 2200 printer.  Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 seems to be all I need for my style of printing which involves an absolute minimum of manipulation.  I print to 11 x 14 for exhibition purposes.

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