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"This tour was extraordinary for so many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that it really wasn’t a tour, in the sense that, since we had our own car, driver and guide, we could go wherever we wanted and, even more important, we could stop the car at any time to take the pictures that WE wanted to take. We didn’t impose on anyone else in the tour and they didn’t impose on us.

This flexibility was especially important to us, as Sabbath-observing Jews, because we were able to stay Friday night and Saturday night at the same hotel and then catch up with the rest of the group on Sunday or Monday.

Of course, the best thing about the tour was the incredible country of Bhutan: spectacular scenery, interesting people and extraordinary culture, all of which translated into images of which we are very proud.

Our fellow photographers were very congenial, the drivers and guides were terrific and Robin and Cathy did a wonderful job of coordinating with an expert touch without in any way being overbearing.

We can only say that whoever is lucky enough to be able to go on Rainbow Tours trips to Bhutan will regard him- or herself as extraordinarily lucky: we’ve traveled a great deal and have taken a great many pictures during the 45 years we’ve been married, but this was the by far best photographic experience we’ve had.

The images we selected for Robin’s website are, for the most part, our "best of the unusual." That is to say, we know that others in our group will have taken great photographs of scenes that we all shot together, so we selected several of places and people that no one else is likely to have seen. Of course, that doesn’t apply to the images of the Ura Festival, which we all shot and of which we expect that the other photographers in our group will submit images, as did we."

Comments on the Bhutan Photo Tour, by Sue and Win Robins

(Photo by Win Robins)

Nikon F100

80-400mm AF VR

28-80mm f4-5.6 AF Nikkor

20mm f2.8 AF Nikkor

SB24 Nikon flash

Gitzo tripod and ball-head

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