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"Imagine if you will a place that has not changed much in the last 500 years. Ancient castles dot the country side, the air is pure and everywhere you look are the biggest mountains in the world. The forests are often dripping in mist, trees are jacketed in moss with wild orchids sitting on their branches. You pinch yourself a few times and realize you are in one of the last Shangri-las on earth--Bhutan.

Few trips will ever stir the imagination like this one. Robin Smilie figured that out a long time ago. Fortunately for me Robin knew where all the hidden treasures are buried and when to be there for that great photo op. Robin set the trip up like a big safari only with cameras. I was attended by a guide and driver who when not telling me ancient stories about Bhutan carried my camera gear, food and accessories. The whole experience was one for the scrapbooks. I would return without hesitation."

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