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I'm sure many of your clients must ask you the pros and cons of what camera equipment to bring to Bhutan.  My use of both digital and film on this trip resulted in some conclusions that could be useful to them.  I was shooting digital with a modest 3.2 meg nikon 995 , and film ( provia 400 , and velvia 100 ) all on exactly the same classic view across from Tigers Nest; film was on tripod with polarizer and cable release, digital handheld.  Professional 11 x 14 prints were made from each and they are INDISTINGUISHABLE , and superb.  This astounded me and you can guess where this old film devotee is headed in the future.

"A lot of what I might comment about on this wonderful tour has already been nicely said by other participants, so I will just stress how important to my enjoyment was the car-system of a driver + guide and 2 passengers.  Compared to a bus-system photo tour of southern China, the car-system really let my own senses kick in as to when to holler "stop," and feel I could engage the subject matter one-on-one rather than an overwhelming mass of us."

Lansing “Lance” Holden of Sedona, Arizona, is a young seventy-something guy who says he “dropped out long ago to concentrate on my main interest in birds and animals.”

Trained at Princeton as an architect, Lance’s dropping out was from a career with Time, Inc. and Architectural Forum magazine.  He has a “modest claim” to being a highly skilled modeler of sailing ships, a good flycaster, and an adequate tennis player, adding that “photography is a hobby, primarily in landscapes using 35mm slide film.”

Lance’s wife Carol, who did not accompany him on the tour, was a picture editor with the old Life magazine, “...a nice plus for home-based advice but a great minus for the ego.”

On photography, Lance writes, “I started in digital this year when my brother-in-law gave me his Nikon 995 when he upgraded to the lat I was in Bhutan trying to do both with a mind too old to fully retain new things.”  Lance adds that he is riding on the past glory of having 2 photos published in an article in National Geographic magazine.est; so now I am confused and torn between what to concentrate on.

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