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" and photo ops went on and on..."
"Congratulations for all the great organization
and encouragement." ~ Peter J.O. Ralph - Australia

It was certainly an enlightening cultural experience for me in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Over the two weeks of the tour we traveled a long way and among the many highlights for me were the Paro, Punakha, Trongsa and Jakar dzongs; the museum at Paro; watching the Buddhist rituals at the Thimphu Temple; the colorful weekend market; the annual archery competition; with the bonus of the live riverside performance of traditional folk songs by Al Dawpel at sunset. The events and photo ops went on and on, every day, every hour. The trip to the Ura Temple to witness and photograph the spectacular festival dancing, then having lunch with the Ura Lama in his private chambers of the temple were simply spectacular. Last but not least, that magnificent view of Taktsang Monastery from the cafeteria!  As you so rightly indicated Robin, even with my bad knees I was at least able to participate in 85% of the itinerary and I feel so enriched by the Bhutan experience, not to mention now having a treasure of photographs of the tour. Congratulations to you and Cathy for all the great organization and encouragement. Also, congrats to Sonam for her selection of guides and drivers, most ably led by Karma, who couldn't do enough for me. I'm sure I echo the sentiments of the rest of our group.

Peter J.O. Ralph
Sassafras Vic

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