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I return to Bhutan frequently in my thoughts and of course through my photos. What an amazing trip -- I search for words to describe my impressions and they are all superlatives. Mostly I can still see and savour the welcome we were given everywhere, the serenity of the people, their courage and work ethic and the pervading sense that their world is good and spiritually satisfying. We North Americans have a lot to learn from the Bhutanese and when I think of what we might give back I shudder at the horror of the likes of McDonalds and WalMart.   I recall vividly the faces of young and old and the delight they often expressed in little things.   The guides and drivers were wonderful people, the idea of cars to transport us was brilliant, the accommodation -- especially at Ugyen Choling -- fantastic and the opportunities you gave us to see more than the superficial were life altering!  Thank you for everything and of course thank you to everyone in Bhutan who went out of their way to make this a trip of a lifetime!


I took a Nikon D200 with me plus a tripod and several lenses. Although I had a few choices I bet I shot 95% of my pictures with an 18-200 lens.  I didn't use my tripod as much as I should have but again, I was able to take many more spontaneous shots. I brought along my laptop - a Mac - and two external 160 gig hard drives, the size of cigarette packs. As well I had about 18 gig of memory cards. These were plenty except at Ugyen Choling where I borrowed some extra from a fellow traveler. I was shooting RAW.  At the end of every day I took about 15 minutes and downloaded my memory cards into Bridge on my computer, making simple folders like 2008-04-16 Day 4. I then copied the images onto an external hard drive and formatted my memory cards. My images were numbered sequentially so it didn't matter if I remembered the order of them, I could just shove them into my pocket when used. All in all I shot close to 10,000 pictures and that system worked well for me. Of course those 10,000 pictures are culled by now.   I hope to return to Bhutan!  

Warm regards,   Ann

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