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Dear Robin:

If some one asked me what did I use to take these particular pictures—what is the aperture, the speed, the ISO—you may well forget about it.  I only take pictures according to my gut feeling.   I enjoyed every second of time I spent in Bhutan, not just the stunning landscapes of unmatched beauty, but also how deep the religion is everywhere in their lives, and how sincere, hard working humble the people are and carries out exactly what the religious spirits have guided them are setting them apart from the rest of world.  Definitely I am going to go back and visit and with luck and may find a charming Bhutanese lady, get married and settle down in that country, Ha ! Ha !

I would like to take this opportunity to send my deepest appreciation to you and to the other organizers behind the scenes.  All those wonderful second-to-none guides and drivers who were so great.  I would consider every one of them to be my extended family.  And of course, the best combination of all the best eccentric genius companions, total 12 of them excluding me and Debbie.  Without them Debbie and I would not be possible to have so much fun and learning experiences that will be long lasting till the world ended. 

Here are few photos from this Yanki-samurai Dr.

I would like to ask you to c-c this e-mail to everyone since I am still one of those few in the Flintstone age and have no idea how to make it work on this little magic machine.(unlike many of my colleagues by way of MTI to medical school  during my residency training  at Mount Sinai, New York would take the entire EKG machine apart and then reassemble back together when they really got boring.)


Dean Hsu

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