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Unique itineraries, Robin Smillie’s extensive knowledge of all things Bhutanese, and his enthusiasm, warmth and generosity propel Rainbow Photo Tours to the top of the Bhutanese travel company list!  Robin has devoted years to cultivating special relationships in Bhutan and the camera ready photographer who witnesses a reunion with a Bhutanese friend is provided an auspicious photo op!  You don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy exploring Bhutanese culture with Robin but it is no accident that so many professional photographers sign on for multiple tours with him.  The luxury and benefit of having only two people, a guide and a driver per well maintained, comfortable vehicle cannot be overstated!  See a photogenic farmer along the road and you want to stop?  No problem!   The attentive, photo savvy guides and drivers not only carry your Gitzo they can set it up as fast as you can!

Rather than compete with the multitudes which now inundate major Bhutanese festivals, Robin arranges private festivals and even temple shoots where the intimate setting and ethereal lighting make for magical photographic opportunities.  Food and accommodations vary from stellar to best available as one heads east; but even in the more rustic settings, little amenities like hot water bottles and surprise desserts were included.   Bhutan seems to attract intriguing people; our group dynamic was notably cordial and inspiring and I hope to maintain contact with some of the participants.  I am grateful I chose Rainbow Photo Tours to introduce me to the gentle, enchanting Land of the Thunder Dragon!

Carol Burke, DVM

Camera Bag

Canon EOS 1D Mark

Canon 70-200mm F 2.8 IS

Canon 85mm F 1.2

Canon 17-40mm F4

Canon 580 EX II Flash

Gitzo G1158T Carbon fiber Traveler Tripod with Markins Q3 Pro ball head

Polarizer and ND filters


WD Passport portable hard drive

110/220 Dual Voltage LVG2 Surgemaster by Bits Limited (worth its negligible weight in gold!)

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