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Everybody has enjoyed seeing our pictures and comments about what a great trip it seemed to be. Of course, we agree and Allen keeps saying it was his favorite ever. It is right at the top of my list too but I can't decide if it's my favorite place because of my strong affinity for Thailand and Vietnam. (However, you may have spoiled us forever about the way we travel. It will be pretty hard to go back to buses with a "crowd" of 16 people and set itineraries again. We may have to start buying lottery tickets and putting up prayer flags at home.)

I also wanted to comment on the experience of getting involved with the people the way we did and being able to give back to them while we were there. That was definitely a rewarding part of the trip for me and something we had not exactly done before. Thinking back to considering the trip, I realize that something that drew me to your tour was the way you wrote about the country and the people. It really conveyed your attitudes about respecting the culture and environment and your love for the country and made me think that your tour would be something I would feel good being a part of. It was worth a little more expense to have those opportunities.

Happy travels, 
Marilyn and Allen Souchek, California

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