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For me the trip to Bhutan was a trip of a lifetime.  I have always wanted to go there but was not sure how to go about it.  Some friends recommended Rainbow Photo Tours and after seeing that Robin combined two of my passions, culture and photography, we booked on the trip.  The trip was amazing, the countryside is spectacular and you can't take a bad photo as the country abounds in prayer flags and temples.  Having our own private festivals meant that we could take photos without having to dodge around other tourists and we could also gain a deeper knowledge of village life.  Our Bhutanese guides were helpful, kind, informative and a very gentle people.  It was fantastic to be able to learn about Buddhist culture and thank you Robin, Rainbow Tours and Treks of Bhutan and the guides and drivers for a memorable trip.

Belinda and Peter

Belinda Baccarini Camera Bag

I took an Olympus E-620 and only used 18-180 zoom lens. I found this was enough as I am not able to change lens quickly or figure out the need of another lens. If I was going to take another lens I would have it on another camera as there is a lot of dust. I had an old tripod but it takes too long to set it up. One of the first things I have done on my return (after the washing) is to buy a good tripod with a ball head. I can see the advantages especially in temples as my shots hand held are blurry.
The best thing I have learned is to under expose a lot! Use the histogram and anticipate the picture! I have not been convinced to shoot in raw as I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the computer.

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