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The structure and itinerary were the best and I loved the abundance of vehicles, guides and drivers. Being a seasoned world traveler, I would not complain about anything in Bhutan after experiencing such things as a twelve-hour trip in Ethiopia in a blue bird bus with the driver honking the horn every 30 seconds. And of course Robin did a fantastic job and we'd go with him anywhere. All accommodations were clean and of course the people the most hospitable, and a big part of the success of this trip was the congeniality of the group. 

Some suggestions:  Future participants might consider packing a blowup mattress rather than an extra camera or lens depending on what kind of condition their back is in as some of the beds were hard. Robin's suggestion to bring food that you prefer, like peanut butter, cheese and crackers, and my own coffee was a good idea as this is not a gourmet vacation. The daily offering of rice, potatoes (the best I have ever had), local vegetables and some kind of meat (and hot chilis and cheese if you like) may not appeal to everyone over a two week duration. Too bad there is not a way to cross the country and then enjoy the comfort and luxury of Nak-Sel Boutique Hotel on the last night after the 7 hour drive to the Indian border. It looks like you have room on the 2011 Fall tour and are going ahead with Spring 2012 so I will recommend it highly to our friends. 

Paula Sussex
Honolulu, Hawaii

Camera Bag

Robin's comments: It is notable that Paula (and several others here) took these great images with an "old Canon point and shoot camera," once again making the point that a good golfer can sink a thirty-foot putt with a baseball bat. This tour welcomes all levels of photographers with any kind of equipment.

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