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I had been wanting to go on Robin Smilie's Rainbow Tour of Bhutan since I first learned about it on the internet about six years ago. This year a change in my personal circumstances finally allowed me to go. It was well worth the wait. Bhutan overwhelms the senses. The spectacular scenery, richly textured ancient culture and amazing people make Bhutan a unique once in a lifetime experience. The smells of the lush forest and the burning incense and hypnotic sounds inside the Buddhist temples lend to an exotic and otherworldly journey. Fortunately, most people still don't even know about this remote gem almost hidden in the clouds. Robin's tour has all of the advantages of a group tour yet is still tailored to the needs and desires of the individual photographers. Every day the tour members are paired off in their own SUV with their own guides and amazingly skilled drivers. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow travelers. On my birthday, I was serenaded by a classroom full of fourth graders and that evening the group threw me a party complete with birthday cake and I participated in folk dances with the Bhutanese guides. It was truly a memorable experience. The Bhutanese guides and drivers were remarkable. They were so helpful and caring that toward the end of the trip you start to worry about how you will ever be able to get by without them.  I am truly thankful and feel very privileged to have been able to participate in this amazing experience

Tom Birschbach
Cosa Mesa, CA

Tom Birschbach Camera Bag

Camera:  Nikon D-90
Lens:  VR 18-105mm
Filter:  UV

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