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1 – Entry: An ornately decorated entry greets visitors to Paro Dzong, including this busy monk.
2 - Butter Lamp Chapel: Along the trail to Tiger's Nest is this small butter lamp chapel. A monk creates the lamps by pouring melted butter into small brass containers and adding wicks. The cat doesn't seem to mind our intrusion.
3 – Intense: A few minutes below Thrumshing La groups of intensely blue small flowers were blooming in patches of moss.

4 - Phongmey Villager: Attracted by the arrival of Brokpa people to the temple, he came to see what was going on.

5 – Lion: One of the Brokpa Lion Dancers that performed in Phongmey.

I had wanted to visit the Himalayas for some time so Nancy & I looked on the web at various travel and tour company offerings. None of them were appealing until Nancy found Rainbow Photo Tours. It was like finding gold. We have memories from the trip that will last a lifetime. As well as thousands of photos! Robin’s photo tips and suggestions were excellent. I took advantage of them as best I could and came away with better photos because of it.

As others have written, the guides and drivers were excellent, knowledgeable and helpful beyond expectations. Two travelers per car, and rotating car assignments insured we would get to know all the staff, and they us. Stopping when & where we wanted was a huge advantage traveling this way.

Ken Lunders, CA, USA

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Amy St.Clair Camera Bag

I used:

            Canon SD700IS         

Nikon D80

            Nikkor 18-200


            SB-600 Speedlight with Sto-Fen Omnibounce diffuser

            Wired shutter release


            Tripod, ballhead, batteries, chargers, lens brush & air blower

I wish I brought:




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