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Rainbow Photo Tours Testimonial

As a professional travel photographer I seek out destinations where I will have the best chance of photographing unique cultures and people. Bhutan is one of those special places that is proud to preserve its culture and share it with the world so it’s what I like to call a photo rich environment. It’s a great destination for serious photographers and a photo tour is the logical way to see it.

I had been to Bhutan before but I chose to travel with Robin Smiley for 3 reasons:

  • He has been to Bhutan many times and knows the people and the culture like the back of his hand.
  • His tour covered the entire country, not just the tourist sites in western Bhutan.
  • He included unique events that were only available on his tours.

Robin’s knowledge of Bhutan and its people allows him access to places that other tours can’t visit and his support for local causes has everyone anxiously waiting for his return each year.  He truly cares about the local people and they care about him.  It opens doors for the photographers that travel with him and they all benefit from it.

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