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I feel I am echoing other testimonials, but it is true: Our journey through Bhutan with Robin was a unique and unforgettable cultural and photographic experience of a lifetime. It was quite unique, the way the tour was organized and conducted: traveling with a group of talented photographers but given the space and time to explore your own ways of capturing the moment. Fleeting moments were frozen forever not only in our memory cards or in a movie clip, but deep down in our hearts. We returned from Bhutan enlightened, inspired and deeply touched by the sights, sounds, tastes and scents of life's simplicity and the joy of sharing -- they shared Buddha's offerings with us and we shared last season's photos with them, returning the photos of participants who had gone before us. We felt accepted as if we were distant relatives.

The photography experience for me was incredible. Robin and Jeff were at times, my life-line. Some of my best photos were captured following Robin’s advice to "try this angle, from that wall on the North-East side..." which Robin suggested to climb on, or at "this setting and that ISO...", as Jeff recommended. I learned heaps from my fellow photographers, all of whom had extensive knowledge and experience in photography which they all generously shared.

And I am most grateful to our Bhutanese guides and drivers, who were our eyes and voices as they communicated on our behalf with friendly locals that we met along the picturesque traverse of the country. Robin, hats off to you for creating the strong bond and life-long relationships with the people of Bhutan. It is truly heart-warming to see that spark in their eyes wherever you go. Thank you for taking us with you into this enchanted Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Olga Puzic

Olga's Camera Bag

  • Sony Alpha NEX-7
  • Sony 18-200mm lens, 3.5 - 6.3 Optical Steady Shot
  • Sony 18-55mm lens, 3.5 - 5.6 Optical Steady Shot
  • Zeiss 24mm lens, 1.8f
  • Filters: UV, ND
  • Cards: 3 x 32GB, 2 x 16GB, 3 x 8GB. Could've used more memory...

  • Carried a tripod but did not use it much. It seemed too much trouble to mount and dismount the camera. On Robin's recommendation, upon return, I purchased a very good tripod with snap on camera mount from ReallyRightStuff.  Love it!

  • Video Equipment: Sony Handycam HDR-XR500.
  • Had 3 spare batteries for each camera, which was very useful.
  • Mac Air w Lightroom v4.1

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