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I have traveled on many group tours (hiking and photography) in the past and have never taken the time to write a review. My recent tour of Bhutan, however, earned the effort it takes to review and recommend the Rainbow Tour Company to future travelers to Bhutan.

I had wanted to travel to Bhutan for over 10 years and made an extensive search of the tours available---looking for one that would offer a creative angle, in depth cultural immersion and some flexibility. The Rainbow Photography Tour met each of these expectations and then went beyond.

Right from the start I felt comfortable with this tour company. Robin, who is the main contact in the United States has made over 25 trips to Bhutan and has an intimate understanding and relationship with the Bhutanese people. Although he must answer the same tedious questions with each group, he made me feel that my questions were important. He answered each one in a timely and friendly manner.

This efficiency and enthusiasm for Bhutan continued throughout the trip. Every detail was thought through and implemented with care. Our accommodations were as diverse as the country-----from 5-star resorts to authentic experiences in small villages. We traveled in individual cars, which speaks to the degree of flexibility we enjoyed. Each day we were assigned a different Bhutanese guide and driver. The time we spent with our guides/drivers--just getting to know them and their perspectives on life and family---was an invaluable cultural experience--an experience that cannot be replicated by simply visiting museums or historical landmarks.

The advertised focus of this trip was photography. I am a beginner photographer but felt completely comfortable and brought back much more than photos. The time I spent in this country can only be described as "life-changing" and the depth of this experience must be attributed to Robin and the remarkable Bhutanese people who are a part of the Rainbow Tour Company. If you want a truly remarkable travel experience with a responsible and responsive tour company, I highly recommend Rainbow Tours. What are you waiting for??

Mary Ann Martini, Boise, ID USA

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