Bhutan Cross Country Cultural and Festivals Itinerary

Day 12 — {date12}

Day Excursion around Mongar – Second Night at Mongar

Today we halt for the day and enjoy the sights in and around Mongar, one of the fullest days on the journey. At breakfast on the verandah we will discuss options and you can each decide what to do with your time. We will divide into small groups, still in cars, so we don’t end up at the same place all at the same time. The offerings are numerous, especially visiting schools, Pre-K, primary and high school.  This is a very flexible and serendipitous day so just go with the flow.  We try not to but we may all end up together first thing at the High School because their daily schedule calls for assembly in courtyard for national flag raising, Buddhist prayers, and one student giving a presentation.  Then a Tibetan monastery, a temple with elderly women turning huge prayer wheels in a dimly lit room. This temple serves as an adult day care center and they all know our tour as we have provided lots of food over the years for their special pujas, reading glasses and watches and a clock so they can tell when to end the day or take breaks.  Then the primary school where they have many times put on their annual fund-raising program, $1 per person, to raise money for such things as a lawn mower for the soccer field.  Also, since the hotel is at the edge of town you have time to casually wander the two main streets of Mongar where they rarely see foreigners.

Overnight: Hotel Wangchuck

Bhutan  Bob Mandich photo
Photo by previous tour participant, Bob Mandich.

Many of Bhutan's elderly spend their days at temples praying for entrance to Nirvana...

Bhutan Festival Dancer

...and some of these temples where they gather become adult day care centers. 

Bhutanese Classroom
At the teacher's invitation economist and past participant Mark Elder sits in on a lesson in economics at the Mongar secondary school.  Tourists usually need a special permit to visit schools, one that takes months to pass through proper channels, but because of relationships developed over the years we have a standing invitation by the principals in Mongar."
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Background photo in Bhutan by previous tour participant Tom Birschbach
Bhutan  Punakha Dzong