Bhutan Cross Country Cultural and Festivals Itinerary

Day 9 — {date9s}

Drive on to Jakar

The sleepy town of Jakar, referred to by the locals as Bumtang, is split by an ancient trade route that is now the National Highway.
Chili peppers Bhutan
Chili peppers dry on a farmhouse roof near Jakar Dzong, Bhutan.
Intricately painted festival drum rattles.

Departure 9 a.m.  Drive on to Jakar, the central town of the Bhumthang district.  As you leave the Chhume Valley (the first of the four valleys that comprise the Bhumthang Valley) you will visit a center of Yathra weaving and large gift shop with authentic Bhutanese products.  Yathra is the name for the locally produced hand- woven woolen cloth. Distinctive patterns and bright earthy colors enliven the fabric which is used for a wide variety of purposes and much sought after throughout Bhutan. We have been asked many times, "Where is the best place to buy authentic Bhutanese handicrafts?" This is that place! They have a huge assortment of hand-woven cloth, jackets, bags and clothing as well as a few authentic antiques and rugs woven by Tibetan refugees.

When we reach Jakar we will check into the hotel and then review the following list to see where you want to begin your two day exploration of Jakar.  (Turn in laundry when you arrive for pickup the next day.)

  1. Jakar Dzong
  2. Jambay Lhakhang
  3. Wangdu Choling Palace
  4. Beer/Cheese Factory (also full liquor store.)
  5. Kurjey Lhakhang
  6. Tamshing Lhakhang
  7. Lhodrak Kharchhu Monastery
  8. Roam the main street of Jakar and it’s many shops
  9. Take the 30-minute walk than connects two temples by way of a footpath over a foot suspension bridge.  Begin a mile past the beer/cheese factory.

Walking the paths through villages finds new friends around every corner.
Majestic peak of Jomalahari.

Masks Bhutan
It has taken 15 years and 33 tours to find and then gain access to photo ops like this.
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