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Fairmont, Minnesota

I Currently have an older Canon Eos, the 10S, with Canon's newer 28-105mm IS zoom, supplemented with the Canon 100-300 zoom.  My tripod was a little heavy, the Bogen 3211, but easily carried with Manfrotto's sling for vertical carry.  I don't have the part number for the sling, but it can be found on the Bogen / Manfrotto web site.  Filters I didn't use much, mostly a polarizer for both lenses.  No special attachment, only the fill flash but next time I will bring a full flash attachment.  The outfit I took was pretty minimal, but I think brought good results.  I used both K64 and Velvia, depending on the expected subjects.  The tripod was essential for many deep depth of field pictures.  I use Tamrac's medium size photo backpack - ideal for our terrain, with the pouch on top for whatever - raincoat, bag of film, snack, etc.  And it kept me pretty dry all by itself in the occasional short downpour.

"Robin Smillie proved a perfect fit for my wife and I as host, guide, and professional resource for photographic insights on our excursion to a very distant land.  He was unfailingly accommodating to everyone's quirks and wishes, while balancing all individuals with the needs of the group.  My hat is off to him for so successfully leading a diverse group through a demanding and spectacular journey in Bhutan.  The country is a travel photographer's paradise, and Robin gave us an unforgettable time in the garden."

Dr. Bob Fernandez is a surgeon in Fairmont, Minnesota, where he and his wife Susan enjoy the great outdoors and all the benefits that life in a small community offers.  On the 2002 tour, their vast experience in hiking and backpacking came in quite handy--they used only carryon luggage for all their clothes and gear.

"I remember as a young couple we scissored off the edges of tea bags to reduce the load in our backpacks," chuckled Bob as he remembered the days when as a young couple, they enjoyed backpacking into the high country.  "Bhutan reminds us a lot of the Rocky Mountains--we can't wait to go back."

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