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Evansville, Indiana


The Photographer's Tour of Bhutan was very well organized with good preparation by Robin and Cathy prior to departure.  Bhutan impressed me most with its friendly people and scenic landscapes.  The guides and drivers were particularly helpful in accommodating guests."

Nikon D1X digital SLR with 80-400 mm zoom lens, 17-35 mm wide angle zoom lens, and Nikon Speedlight. Also, 35-280 mm Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera. The tripod was useful from time to time, especially with the macro, low light and scenic shots. Due to the sheer number of photos and time constraints (we were on the move constantly and scenes unfolded rapidly) I shot mostly JPEG format saved to a laptop computer and Nixvue Vista portable viewer/hard drive. I did not use any film, and after review on site or in the hotel room, I saved about 2500 digital images, culled to ~100-150 images for the web and photo book to be printed.

Due to limited time and sporadic electric in the evenings, I charged my camera, flash, portable hard drive and notebook computer in the car while traveling. I edited my photos on a notebook when time permitted and on the plane back to U.S.

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