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Dear Robin and Cathy,      The Photographer’s Tour of Bhutan was everything I had hoped it would be, mainly because of your efforts in organizing the itinerary.  My slides have been processed, sorted, and the top 560 are in trays, music recorded, and the slide show dazzling friends and neighbors.      In my opinion, anyone wishing to go to Bhutan for photography would miss the experience of a lifetime to not go with Rainbow Photo Tours. My sincere compliments,  

Main camera        Canon EOS 3
Backup camera    Canon EOS 630
Canon lenses:
EF 24 mm 1:2.8
EF 50mm 1:2.5 macro
IS 28-135 zoom
IS 75-300 zoom
EF25 extension tube
Canon 550EX flash
LumiQuest Promax 80-20 flash reflector, flash head set at 3/4
I did take and use a tripod quite a lot.
Kodak Elite chrome 100 (shot 62 rolls)
Kodak Elite chrome 200 (shot 20 rolls, 4 pushed to 400)

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