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I've taken lots of photo tours, but your tour was incredibly fantastic! Better than expected, what with a knowledgeable and accommodating driver and an enthusiastic photo assistant. They both carried my tripod and cameras and helped me search out the best photo ops--places and events that were out of the way of the usual tourist. I highly recommend this tour for any serious photographer.

Most of my pictures were made with either a Hasselblad in 6x6 format using either a 50mm lense or a 180, or, with a Contax 654 using an 80 mm lense or the Hassy lenses with a lens mount adapter. Most of the film was Kodak 320 Professional exposed at 320 or Plus X exposed at 100. Although I have a lot of filters, I found I did not need them on this trip. All film was developed in Extol developer using a Jobo processor with development times varying accourding to temperature based on previously established times.
(Web note - Mr. Segal's photos were scanned from his non-adjusted prints on Illford warm tone paper developed in warm tone developer and selenium toned.)

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