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Well…quite to the dismay from all the other participants that carried Canon gear, I carried my new Nikon D70s, The good natured ribbing I received from “THE CANON USERS” will hopefully be put to rest after they view some of my favorite photos. Every bit as good as Canon in my opinion….but then again…..I am just a dedicated amateur photographer, not a seasoned professional….Along with the Nikon D70s I brought a Nikkor EF-S 18-70mm ED lens, and a Nikkor  EF-S 80-400 ED zoom. This lens has an anti vibration device which was amazing as it allowed me to shoot in low light and at great distance with no shake. I also brought along a Manfrotto quick set up tripod that has a hydraulic release for each of the legs with a ball head squeeze head for easy maneuvering.  An indispensable piece of equipment turned out to be the Epson P 4000 80 gig storage device. I took over 6000 RAW digital shots and this device store all with room to spare. I also brought along a small Canon Powershot for the portability and as a backup but it did not alleviate the comments. The Tripplite power source also proved to be indespensible in recharging batteries and storage devices while on the road. I shot all RAW photographs and processed them with Photoshop CS2. After returning home, I purchased an HP Photosmart 8750 printer that can print up to a 13”x19” crystal clear photograph.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon is without a doubt one of the last untouched treasures on Earth. After researching many different tours to Bhutan , I decided to go with Rainbow Photo Tours, and have absolutely no regrets in doing so. This tour stood out from all of the rest as it was tailored to soak up the culture and the people of Bhutan . We literally immersed ourselves in the Bhutanese way of life which has been unchanged for centuries. The guides and drivers were incredibly knowledgeable and took care of our every need. Karma Namgay, the group leader was the inspiration and guiding force in this tour. His passion, dedication and untiring ability to make us all feel at home really made this one of my most memorable adventures. Our experiences compared to other tour groups were evident. We quite literally had carte blanche with Karma and visited many people and places that other tour groups could not. A private audience with the Lama preparing for the Ura Festival, while other tour groups waited outside in the rain was only one example of the many ‘special’ treatments we received.

If you value a rewarding, truly cultural experience in this day and age, then I recommend this tour above all others.

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