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Hi, Robin.  We just wanted to thank you and your crew for the highly enjoyable, educational, and memorable trip this fall in Bhutan.  It was amazing how smoothly things ran for all of our group considering all the different places we traveled to and the logistics that must have been involved on your part.  The guides and drivers were a delight to spend time with and very friendly, knowledgeable, and always helpful and agreeable.  The country is incredibly beautiful, the people very sweet and friendly, and the many religious monuments awe inspiring (especially Tiger's Nest, which was definitely worth the long, hard climb!).  The stories your guides told us during our travels about the many religious structures and holy places kept us interested and entertained and definitely educated us on the culture and its people and places.  You, too, provided us with wonderful information and stories and kept us happy and well-looked after.  The festivals were a fantastic, up close experience of the culture and allowed us to really get to know its wonderful people.  It is amazing to think that we actually drove on about 80% of the roads as we traveled through the country (sometimes on very precarious looking cliffs!) and had no problems whatsoever.   Thank you and your crew again for the wonderfully enjoyable experience of getting to know beautiful and sacred Bhutan and its people and culture.  Keep up the fantastic work, Robin!  You are amazing!

David Lee and Teri Lunn
California, USA
2010 Fall Tour

Robin's note:  David shot with a small point and shoot camera and I think these photos are remarkable.  But the best photographs David took were with a Polaroid-like instant print digital camera, a Fuji Film INTAX Mini 7S.  All of those were left in Bhutan with the subjects so I can't post any here.  I commend David for the time he took out of his tour to give people a photo of themselves--some had never seen one before and some parents did not have a photo of their children until David came along.

Robin Smillie
"Robin and Namgay present the main prizes in the archery competition--large brass butter lamps that the farmers in Ugen Choling could never afford."(Photo by David Lee)

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