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Robin’s trip was truly fabulous. I have wanted to go with him ever since I stumbled on his website in 2007. Everything that all of the participants have said is true and correct plus more. I cannot think of enough superlatives to tell you how beautiful the country is and how generous and kind the people are. The private festivals were especially stunning to participate in and photograph. The mountains, trees & numerous waterfalls are breath-taking. I do not hesitate to recommend this trip to every person, but especially to photographers. Every local person I met in town or on the side of the road was welcoming and friendly and always asked how I was enjoying their country. They have a country to be proud of! I only hope the western world does not encroach upon them too quickly. Go soon, before their culture is changed forever.

width="309" height="30" alt="Judi Purcell Camera Bag" />

Nikon D3100 with a Tamron 18-270 lens
BW polarizer
Lowepro Slingshot 102AW bag

I felt no need for a tripod or anything else.  I like to
travel light and easy.  With Image Stabilization, I
found I could brace my camera on a rock, a pillar or a
wall to take all the photos I wanted to in dim light or
of movement in waterfalls.

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