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Our trip to Bhutan held many surprises but the most surprising was how gracious, happy and friendly the Bhutanese people are.  You can see why they say their philosophical banner is Gross National Happiness.  Our guides and drivers were exceptional – loading and unloading our bags, carrying our camera equipment , helping set up pictures with the local people, pointing out  great picture opportunities, and even preparing our meals on the road.  They seem like family by the time the trip was over.

The photo opportunities from cultural events to people to scenery to wildlife were abundant.  We benefited greatly from Robin’s  years of experience with managing and running tours in Bhutan.   Not only did the group get to see the major tourist attractions such as Tiger’s Nest and Punakha  Dzong  but we also got to see places, festivals, cultural events, scenery and wildlife the normal visitor to Bhutan wouldn’t not get to experience.  The birds and wildlife on this trip were a very pleasant and rewarding  surprise for me since I do a lot of birding and wildlife photography and two of our 14 guides were trained for birding tours. 

I could go and on about other things such as the food, drinks ( including those Druk 11000 beers), the lodging facilities and the great group of people that made up our tour group.  It all added up to a once in a lifetime experience.  The only way to understand how outstanding this trip was is to be with Robin on his next adventure to Bhutan." 

David and Connie Emerson, Kingwood, Texas

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