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My husband John and I traveled to Bhutan with Robin in the spring of 2012.  Traveling is our passion and Bhutan was definitely on our list.  We do not enjoy large tours and usually travel on our own.  However, we enjoy being with other people so when we saw Robin’s tour we knew it was perfect for us.  We had our own private guide and driver each day but also the companionship of 12 other wonderful people.  Traveling in private cars, we could stop wherever and whenever we wanted and got to know each of the guides and drivers quite well. 

I usually come home with lots of pictures of John and it’s as if I’ve never been to the country.  In large groups people rarely share photos.  But here we were all photographers and sharing was the norm.  I came home with pictures of myself and learned so much, not only from Robin and Jeff, but from other participants.  And when we got home we all sent each other pictures we had taken of each other. 

I love taking people pictures but prefer they not be posed.  People were very friendly and wanted us to take their pictures.  The guides and drivers would translate for us but were also adept at getting the people into conversations so that we could take candid shots. 

John is not a photographer. He does not even carry a camera.  But he enjoyed the trip as much as I did.  There was so much to see and do each day it was impossible to be bored. 

Camera Bag


Bodies: Canon 7D and Canon 50D
Canon Speedlite 430EX
Canon 10-22- 3.5-4.5 (I did not use this much
Tamron 18-270 – f3.6-6.3
Tamron 28-75- f 2.8
Canon 50 - 1.8
Polarizer and Neutral density filters
Gitzo Tripod and ball head with bubble level
Off shoe camera cord (for 50D)
Timer remote control (for 7D)
External drive
Lots of memory cards
Wall chargers and car charger (car charger was used a lot)

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