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Sue Encherman, USA

“The Fire festival...”

The Rainbow photo and cultural tour was fabulous. Our group were experienced travelers who normally do not go on group tours but we all loved it! (and we keep in touch) Robin and the Bhutan Rainbow staff are great- very knowledgeable — and wonderful people! Bhutan is mystical, beautiful and everything you have heard about it is true. Our tour had so much interaction with the local people thru festivals and farmhouse visits. It was truly special. The Fire festival was a wild experience but my favorite times were dancing in a circle with my tour mates and guides and drivers, chanting in Bhutanese — it was so memorable. The 8 SUV transport scheme is brilliant — you have the freedom to stop and go as you wish and get to know all of the drivers and guides. No bus! The roads are terrible which really added to the fun.
I had an SLR and phone but no photography experience is necessary — I did take 6000 photos, however, and love them all. I picked up some tips from Robin and others. I highly recommend Rainbow - I'd love to go again.

Sue Encherman, USA

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