Bhutan Cross Country Cultural and Festivals Itinerary

Day 12 — {date12}

Day Excursion around Mongar

Bhutanese girls

Today we halt for the day and enjoy the sights in and around Mongar. After breakfast we will visit the local high school of over 400 students on special invitation of the principal, a long-time friend of Robin. After their opening assembly in the courtyard where they sing the morning prayer and national anthem we are invited by couples into the classrooms to interact with the students. Many past participants have even given short lectures on their personal professions—the principal there encourages this. Then we move to the town’s primary school for the same thing only there they perform their annual cultural program in the auditorium and ask for donations to support their annual school picnic. After lunch there are several options that will be explained at lunch. Overnight Hotel Wangchuck for second night, pick up laundry upon return in the afternoon.

Bhutan  Bob Mandich photo
Photo by previous tour participant, Bob Mandich.
Many of Bhutan's elderly spend their days at temples praying for entrance to Nirvana...
Bhutan Festival Dancer

...and some of these temples where they gather become adult day care centers. 

Bhutanese Classroom
At the teacher's invitation economist and past participant Mark Elder sits in on a lesson in economics at the Mongar secondary school.  Tourists usually need a special permit to visit schools, one that takes months to pass through proper channels, but because of relationships developed over the years we have a standing invitation by the principals in Mongar."
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Background photo in Bhutan by previous tour participant Tom Birschbach
Bhutan  Punakha Dzong