Bhutan Cross Country Cultural and Festivals Itinerary

Day 13 — {date13}

Mongar to Trashigang

Bhutan Tea Service
Our tea/coffee/cookies service in the high passes and along the road.
monk Bhutan

This morning we make the sixty mile, three-hour drive from Mongar to Trashigang. We will cross the 8,000 ft. KoriLa pass and stop there to place our own prayer flag that stretches from hillside to hillside—you can write messages to your loved ones.  We stop for tea and cookies as we have all along the way whenever crossing a pass. Beyond the pass, driving through corn fields and patches of banana trees, we come to the village of Yadi where we will stop at a farm house and photograph weavers making natural dyes from native plants. After Yadi the road zigs and zags in what seems like never ending switchbacks descending to SheriChu village at the Sheri River.  After SheriChu we come across roadside sheds where oil is extracted from lemon grass. After crossing two more rivers the road climbs up to Trashigang town at 3,775 ft.

monk Bhutan

Also on this drive we stop at the only ancient temple along the way and gain special access to the room where they store their festival costumes.  Dozens of old carved wood masks hang in the ceiling, the walls are painted cobalt blue and the sheer drapes over the windows are saffron colored making for beautiful color pictures—there will surely be a young monk nearby to pose in this remarkable setting.

After lunch at the hotel we can roam the streets of Bhutan’s second largest “city” with its quaint shops selling fresh vegetables and all sorts of things stacked high on shelves and hanging from the ceiling—funny how they can make a living all selling the same things.  Overnight at the brand new Dothejung Resort.

BhutanPrayer banners Trashigang
Prayer banners hang in the dark shadows of a temple in Trashigang, Bhutan.

DomKhar Festival Bhutan
We are allowed inside the festival dressing room, unheard of at the larger festivals.
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Rainbow RuleBackground photo:
Shot by 2011 Tour Participant Tom Birschbach.

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