Bhutan Cross Country Cultural and Festivals Itinerary

Day 16 — {date16}

Departure, Guwahati Airport

Bhutan  Young Monk at Temple Door
Monk in front of temple door in Bhutan.  Photo by Robin Smillie used on cover of Tashi Delek magazine, the in-flight magazine of Royal Druk Air.

Breakfast at 9:00 a.m. then three-hour drive to Guwahati airport for a 3:05 pm Druk Air departure to Bangkok, non-stop, arriving BKK 5:40 pm.


On each departure morning always have your bags packed and left in your room, lock the door and deliver the key to the front desk.

The Tourism Ministry has a policy of not allowing tourists to sit in the front seat of cars as they don’t want the driver distracted.  So please don’t ask your guide if you can sit in front—he will let you but he will be breaking the rules.

Bottled water is provided—each car has a case of it in back.  So when you leave the car to go to your room please take your open water with you and ask for a bottle or two more because the hotels skimp on offering bottled water.  Don’t forget to not brush your teeth with tap water because it is right out of the stream, passed through a settling tank.

If you don’t feel like stopping for tea and coffee or lunch, don’t forget, your guide and driver have those needs too.

There are no proper bathrooms or toilets along the national highway so learn to say to your guide, “I need to find a bush.”  There is toilet paper in all cars.  He will find a trail leading down into the woods, just watch out for wild bears.

Wi-Fi has been available in Bhutan for just three years now and is available in all hotels, some only in the lobby, some in the rooms.  With some hotels it is intermitten so please be flexible and hope for the best.

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Bhutan  LeighBryant
Background photo in Bhutan by tour participant Leigh Bryant.